Windows Server Backup restore BSOD when Aomei is installed


When Aomei backupper is installed on server 2008 R2, we cannot restore a windows server backup without a BSOD (Crash).

Uninstall Aomei backupper and Windows restore works fine.

Have you and Idea of what could be happening please as we want to use Aomei as an additional backup image tool?

Thanks - Luke.


  • Hello Luke,

    As for this problem, could you please tell us how you restore the windows server backup? And please send us the event log of BOSD to us the log located in this path C:\Windows\minidump\*.dmp, so that we can analyze your problem efficiently.

    Best Regards,

    AOMEI Support Team

  • Hi,

    I have the exact same problem as Luke after installing Aomei server product on a 2008 r2 machine.  I am still running the windows system backup (wsb) for redundancy and they typcially complete successfully.  However, if I attempt to restore anything from the wsb the server crashes...  I haven't tried to uninstall Aoemei but I would assume it would works as Luke mentioned.  Was his issue ever resolved???

    Thanks - Mike

  • The error in the event log is as follows:  error ambakdrv event ID 0

  • @mellis84z Please send us the minidump file.

  • #1...remove the need for Flash!!!

    Here is the minidump from the event...I added .txt to the extension as it errored in chinese the dmp file type was not allowed...  So anyway, here is the dump file requested.


  • Hi @mellis84z, I just sent your dmp file to our development, we will try our best to figure it out.

  • Much appreciated!  I am really concerned I no longer can count on this restore method!

  • When might I expect a response for my important question? I am very concerned about this issue.

  • Hi @mellis84z, sorry for the late, I got feedback from the development team: it seems like a compatible problem but it needs more testing. will try our best to figure it out ASAP.

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