System Image Of SSD and Secondary HDD

Howdy, this is a really great application but I'm unable to figure out how to do a complete system image backup of my Drive c which is an ssd having the OS and my drive d which is a standard hdd 500gb on which I have installed the applications. When I try to create a system image under backup only the drive C and the system reserve 100mb partition are listed. 


  • Hi Bart,

    Yes, System Backup will only backup the partitions which are necessary for the operating system. So it only backup your C: drive and system reserved partition. If you would like to also backup the data partitions with the programs on your 500gb hdd, after making the system backup successfully, you can then use Disk Backup the hdd.  

  • howdy,

    Need non tech instructions to create ISO image for Win 7 x64 on my HP dv6t that I want to save, 

    In case Win 10 completely destroys BIOS, drivers and necessary registry components to get Win 7 x64 in working order.  Found your app on  Can you provide a valid download link for making. Bootable ISO to be stored on external Seagate hdd? Thank you

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