Windows will not boot after partition shrink

I ran the Partition Assistant to shrink the windows 7 partition.  It rebooted into PreOS mode and did its thing.  However,it got stuck at the very end and said that if it didn’t reboot on its own after a minute then restart manually.


I restarted manually and then it tried to boot into windows and then said it couldn’t startup and it ran the Windows Startup-Repair. The startup-repair failed and now windows will not boot.  It starts to boot, shows the Windows logo and then crashes and restarts.


Is it possible to reverse the process?  If I resize the partition back to the way it was, will it fix the issue?  Or have I  ruined the Windows partition?

I have done this procedure before various times with no problems.  Becuase I have done this various times on multiple systems, I didn't bother to backup the HD before doing this.  The classic blunder.... the one time I don't back it up is the one time the procedure fails.

Any advice?


  • Hello lbroyles,

    We are so sorry for the probelm you encountered this time. Do you remmenber what the error message is when it got stuch at the end?  As for "It starts to boot, shows the Windows logo and then crashes and restarts." are you sure it is the windows system runs into the restart loop?

    This process is unable to reverse, but we will try our best to help you solve the problem.

    If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us back.

    Best Regards,

    AOMEI Support Team

  • Same thing happened to me.  Please please tell me how to fix this! 

  • The exact same thing happened to me.  Is there a known bug with this program?   I spent 6-8 hours rebuilding this laptop and the D partition was not large enough to hold my backup so I was stuck in a catch 22.  Now I am up the creek without a paddle and hoping someone here can share steps to resolve.  Thank you in advance!  T.

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    Hi, after reading this thread I shrunk my C: partition and increased D: with the free space. All went fine like it always did in the past. The problem seems to be more specific and I'm afraid you all have to provide more details.


  • Hi,
    the same exactly happened to my hp laptop "It starts to boot, shows the Windows logo and then crashes and restarts." Could you please reply with the solution 
  • @Ali Did you try to shrink C: drive? Was it successful?
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