Main Threads:Winpemaker for Aomei Backupper and Partition Assistant
  • I have made a winpemaker which will create winpe 32 or 64 bit for 7/8/8.1/10.

    If you have any Aomei products installed, they will be included and can be accessed from a menu.

    It is easy to use, download this file from OneDrive,

    New version July 2016

    On onedrive!AkcyDjKJJ6Kwhmlzah9AtJ42xMKh

    unzip it onto your drive, so you will have

    C:\AomeipeV9 FOLDER. Then run as admin on the Run-me-as-Adminv9.cmd .


    Special version for WIN 7 ONLY - NEW July 2016!AkcyDjKJJ6KwhjWLAtKVYwU2f8pe

    unzip it onto your drive, so you will have

    C:\new7x64upd FOLDER. Then run as admin on the 7pebuilder.cmd .

    Note: Works for x86 and x64 win7 (also supports wireless network )

  • Hi

    When I get on the screen to add my own drives opens the menu of your PE, but you push the buttons and nothing happens.

    How should I proceed?

  • Hi,

    Do you mean the button on the menu which says DRVLOAD?

    Or do you mean you want to add drivers during the building process?

    Which buttons are you pushing?

    Difficult to decribe, because I can't get pictures into these posts.

  • In the part which appears on appears to add their own personal user drives.

    Today I will put some photos showing .

  • Hi Sim2, the download link in the Dropbox can not access, could you post a new link.

  • SIW2,

    Is it possible you adicoinar the native Windows disk manager in the next version?


  • "adicoina" it is right to add

  • It is only possible to add native disk manager if your running os is the same as the wim file. Adds a bit of size, because it requires the management console stuff.

    If you are using win7 , then my other winpemaker is much better - you get evrything, explorer shell, wireless connection, audio,disk management, device management, photo viewer etc;

  • hi,

    I am Windows 7 Professional user.

    The winpemaker you can also use Windows 8.8.1 and 10 for the purpose of backup and restore with Aomei?

    It starts mainly in UEFI?

  • If you are using win 7 x64 then the .iso supports efi boot. MS will not sign win7, so you need to turn off secure boot.

    am working on a pemaker for win 8.1, It needs Startisback for explorer
    shell. Trial version of startisback is fine for what is needed in 8.1

    New version of Simple pemaker for vista/7/8/8.1/10

  • Support 8.1 and 10, It's so cool.image

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