GPT Protective Partition

I had a coffee spilage on one of my laptops on Window 8. Laptop would not start but HDD (Seagate) is still working fine. I am trying to connect this HDD to my other laptop usin the USB 2.0 to SATA / IDE adapter.

This HDD is not visible in 'My COmuter' but visible as disk 2 in 'Disk Management' but it is shoing as GPT Protective Partition and does not allow me to do anything. 

How can I copy the data from this HDD to my new computer (also on Win 8)

Thanks for help


  • The laptop you connect with the HDD is also running Win8?  And it recognize the disk as GPT Protective partition?  It is weird. Win8 is surely able to access GPT disk. 

    Please connect the HDD to a desktop and connect it as an internal disk to check whether or not you can access the drive. 

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