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Bootable media

5 minutes as newbie forum member and I've read several re problems making bootable...

where's the spell checker....even native spell checker does not work....


  • Hello bjm,

    1) The inbuilt pe creation function included in Backupper,partition assistant and onekey all work fine.

    For people who did an in place upgrade from win 8.0 to 8.1 there is a known Microsoft issue which breaks the recovery sequence. If you are in that situation, Backupper, part assist and onekey will offer to download WAIK/WADK from MS so that a simple pe can be made. It is a big download, unfortunately.

    2) There is a completely separate program from Aomei called pebuilder. The intention is to create a fancier pe than the standard versions. That worked for a while, but has run into difficulties due to MS updates. It will still work well on freshly installed os of course.

    I suggest you stick with the inbuilt pe creation offered by Backupper, part assist and onekey, which works well.

    If you do want something a bit fancier than the standard pe, I have made a little program to do it.

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