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Clear Update Path for Licensed Software

I want to make a criticism/suggestion for the AOMEI website.
There is no clear way to update an existing licensed copy of AOMEI
Backupper Pro on your website. The popup update box on my desktop with a link to your website, merely takes me
to the trial download page with no way to be sure I'm downloading the
update for a paid license. This is highly unusual and very disconcerting
to me; I'm very familiar with most methods of upgrade and update. This
seems sneaky to me and confusing, on purpose. Why wouldn't AOMEI provide
a direct link to the update itself, and eliminate the confusion/doubt?


  • I agree with this statement of the upgrade problem... pro v2.8 says there is an update available to 3.0... link takes me to Trial ver of 3.0 Pro... installed trial... asks for product code... enter it... "Invalid Code. Had to send an email to support and they sent me a nice enough respose that they would reset the code for me. This is not how professional quality software updates should work. Great product !!!!!! Works like a charm!

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