lost boot sector when converting from MBR to GPT Windows 7 64

I used Acronis to image my full 2TB C: to a 4TB drive and made the new drive bootable. (I had formatted the 4TB drive and used GPT to get the full capacity prior to attempting the image) Upon imaging the new drive was a 2TB MBR with an unallocated partition. 

I used AOMEI to (quickly and efficiently) convert the new drive to GPT and then combined the allocated and unallocated portions to recoupe the full 4TB and maintain the drive contents. Perfect, except that the new drive is no longer bootable. 

1. did I miss an option? 2. If I didn't miss anything is there now a way to make the new 4TB drive bootable under Windows 7 64bit? 

Thanks for any help and sorry if I have missed seeing this discussion in the archives. 


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