How to add Additional Drivers to AOMEI Backupper WinPE?

This article applies to:

AOMEI Backupper v1.6 or higher version



AOMEI Backupper bootable media is createdbased on the kernel of Windows operation system. However Windows only containsbasic drivers, so AOMEI Backupper bootable media may not support some of yourdevices. In this case, you can manually add the drivers to AOMEI Backupperbootable media.



Please take a look at the picture below:


In the lower left corner, you will find the“Add driver” button. This function only appears when you attempt to createbootable disc. So if you want to add additional drivers in the bootable disc,you may need to recreate AOMEI Backupper recovery disc. Here we go:

1.        You should download the driverfrom Internet and then extract it to a proper place.

2.        Click "Add Driver"button and go to the directory where the driver was extracted to locate thenecessary files (in the directory there should have a driver folder). If youhave several drivers, you can add them all at the same time. After that, theprogram will automatically generate the drivers into the WinPE bootable disc.

3.        Burn your own custom AOMEIBackupper recovery disc. 



Adddriver feature is only available for creating WinPE recovery disk.

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