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Backup Management } 'home' tab: display per-job comment texts inline

refer to the 3rd screenshot image here:


'Home' tab currently displays too little info per job. Its GUI contains much wasted (empty) space.

Currently the home tab fails to indicate whether "user-created comment text" exists for any of the listed jobs.

For each job, user is forced to navigate 'Advanced' then 'Properties' to check / read comment text. This is awkward.

Suggestion / feature request:

Beneath the title/date for each listed job, display (italic or colored text) the first XX characters of the associated comment text.

Additionally, display an icon alongside the text. Hovering will display "click to add/edit job comment"; clicking will open dialog box where user can read the full comment text and/or edit.


Also, please consider adding labeltext to clarify "what are these dates?" displayed for each job.

I believe the dates indicate "date this job was created" and "date this job was last run", but am uncertain.

To reduce clutter, these labels could be displayed conditionally, only when user hovers the datestring(s).


  • I believe the added info would be self-evident (would not necessitate revised tutorial screenshots and documentation)

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