How to create a System Image?

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There are several backup features in AOMEI Backupper, what is the right feature for creating an exact image of your operating system, including installed applications and all settings. Which will help in the event of system crash, you are able to restore it to its current state.



In order to restore your system, you should choose System Backup function or Disk Backup function. The difference between the two functions is that Disk Backup function will back up the entire hard disk including all the partitions and valid informations on this hard disk. However, System Backup will only make a clean backup of necessary partitions while won't backup needless partitions. (PS:the necessary partitions refer to the partitions which is marked as “system” and “boot” in the current active operating system). Therefor, we suggest you use System Backup funtion to backup your system, please follow the steps:


1.        Click "System Backup"under the "Backup" tab.

2.        Firstly, entitle a task name and then directly click Step2 toselect a destination for saving image file, as you will see that system drives have been set as source partitions as default in Step1.

3.        Click "Start Backup"the operation will be started immediately. Next, waiting for the operation tobe completed.

4.        Click "Finish"option to exit.



Partition backup is used for backup data partitions. If you use partition backup function to backup system partition, after restore, the new disk will not be boot.


  • Thanks for the clear explanation.
    I need to load different O/S's such as Vista, Win7, Win8, etc... onto the same system.
    Should I use "System BackUp" or "Partition Backup"?
    I've tried Partition backup of the Win 8.1 O/S and when I go to restore, it goes to "repairing O/S". I then have to resort to Manufactures repair and restore to fix the BCD.
    Will using "System BackUp" be the correct solution?
    Oh All my backups are on the same drive just a separate partition. Thanks to AOMEI Partition Assistant. :)
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    Hello buckitall,

    Sorry I cannot quite understand what you mean by saying"such as Vista, Win7, Win8, etc... onto the same system."

    In order to backup your system, you shouldn't choose Partition Backup, this function cannot make your system to be bootable. If you have multi OS on one hard drive, you could use Backup Disk feature, but currently we can only guarantee all the OS can boot only when you restore to the same hard drive and the partition configuration must be exactly the same as the original, without any partition changes (formatting/resizing the partitions). If you restore to different hard drive, we can only guarantee the current active OS (where you run AOMEI Backupper to start the backup) can boot.

    If you have any other qustions or suggestions please feel free to let us know.

    Best Regards,
    AOMEI Support Team
  • Thank you for the quick reply,

    I will try "system backup"

    As for the confusion-
    I do not "multi-boot O/S".
    I use one system and install an O/S.
    I partition the drive to create a "backups" partition.
    I install different O/S's and create an image of each, saved on the "backups" partition.

    When I need to test something with Vista, I restore it to the Main partition. I then restore Windows 7 and test again, then onto to Windows 8 and so forth. When I need to test something else, I again go through the process of restoring Vista, Windows 7....
    This allows me to get the system in a state comparable to the what other users have.

    I hope this clears the confusion for you.
  • Sorry for the double post...
    As for "System Backup" and "Restore"...Fail ":(
    Had to go through several restart and repair procedures to bring back up Windows 8.1
  • Thanks for the explanation. As for the restore fail, do you restore to the original source partition or another different partition? And what is the error while you boot from the restored disk?
  • Thanks for the response,

    When system restore, I keep the default option back to the original location. Where upon reboot, I am presented with "Which Keyboard Layout" option. Then the system reboots and fails.
    The BSOD states:
    "Startup Repair couldn't repair your PC"
    Press "Advanced options" to try other options to repair your PC or "Shut down" to turn off your PC
    Log file:\System32\Logfiles\Srt\SrtTrail.txt

    I've tried Advanced Options and select "startup repair" to no luck.
    I have to select from boot menu "F9 for Recovery Menu"...from there I am finally able to restart the system.
    I"ve searched for the Srt log files and cannot locate them.

    Any assistance would be appreciated, I do not want to have to repair every time I reinstall an O/S
  • I downloaded the Beta v2.0 and create an UEFI boot USB. I am able to easily create an image but when restoring I still get "repairing system" when first boot. Now though I can let it run and the system comes back up without further repairing as before.
    I would still like to not see the "repairing system" when restoring.
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    Hi buckitall,

    I am so sorry, I am not quite understand your problem. Could you please give us a detailed description of the steps about how the BSOD occurs. I don't know whether you have restore the backup and what the error message "Which Keyboard Layout" is?

    Best Regards,
    AOMEI Support Team
  • With the BETA version I no longer get a BSOD...just the "Preparing the Automatic Repair" then "Diagnosing your PC"...Then the system reboots to Windows 8.1 no further problems.
    So far this only happens with one of three laptops I've imaged...a Razer BLADE laptop
  • Thank you so much for your feedback.

    Best Regards,
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