Problem occurs after converting the logical Partition to Primary Partition

I have changed my logical partition to the primary it will successful, I also checked it by restarting my system. All are working well. Then I go to disk management in the computer management, I saw  there two volumes of same size one that I have converted the partition from logical to the primary and also a logical partition of same size of that with unallocated space. Then I have confused and I created a new volume by right clicking on that and create simple volume. Suddenly system shuts down abruptly since then it does not started. I have tried to install fresh copy of OS but it doesn't success. It shuts down whenever the OS tries to access the hard drive. I also tries to format this drive on another system but when I scan the device for to detect hard drive it shuts down . I am using Windows XP sp-II, 4 GB DDR3 RAM, Pentium 4, and Hitachi Hard disk 500GB. Please Help.


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    Hello sanjay-gswmi,


    Welcome to AOMEI Technology forum. Regarding the problem you encountered, we suppose it is because the segment of that unallocated space has physical bad sectors. You may connect this disk to another machine and then delete the new partition which you created before, after that,you may use the “SurfaceTest”function of our program to check if there is any bad sector.

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