Restore Feature?

The restore feature has become fustrating.

When trying to to the "system restore" I want to restore all 3 partitions.

*ESP -> *ESP


C:OS -> C:OS

This allows me to reimage systems with Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

When trying to do a restore it only allows me to restore all three partitions to just one partition.

*ESP ->

*WINRETOOLS ->        C:OS

C:OS ->

Thus creating an addition two partitions in front of the newly restored image.

Now there will be two of each *EST and *WINRETOOLS. 

Which confuses the UEFI bootloader and the system become unbootable.


  • After restoration, the destination partition will becames three partitions just like the source. If you restore to another disk, it won't confuse the UEFI bootloader .

  • This should not happen if it is all to and from one computer.


    Selected W8.1x64 Restore


    This is what the right restore "Operating summary" should be.


    When selecting restore W10x64 I get "Parititon Restore" when it should just be as the previous picture.


    This is not what I want when restoring a previous Windows O/S on the same system.


  • Hi Buckitall,

    Sorry, the Operation Summary window confused you. In the Operation Summary windows, it displays that it will be restored to one partion. But in fact that after you restore it, there will be 3 partitions on the destination disk like them in the source disk. All the 3 partitions,C: partition,ESP partition and WinreTools will be restored. 

  • Thanks YC,

     I get that it restores to one partition and creates three...This increases the number of parititons overall. This is the same machine and from the restore of W8.1 you can see there are already 3 partitions to restore. When selecting W10 it "Should" show the same 3 partitions that it will be restoring to.

     I ended up doing a fresh install of W10 and it now shows both restore features as it should 3 partitions to 3 partitions.

     I haven't had a chance to restore W8 and be continuedimage

  • I think I've figured out what's happening,

     When the partition map changes it no longer restores such as picture three in previous post. I wish it would just reconize the drive letters and restore to those partitions instead of recreating new partitions such as picture five. Maybe in furture updates? 

  • The only way I could get it to work was to remove ALL the partitions from the harddisk and let IT recreate the partitions.

  • How were you able to remove all the partitions?


  • You can first remove the partitions you no longer want with Partition Assistant and then install the three partitions that have to be restored in the free space.

  • Sounds too easy...I can't get Partition Assistant to boot UEFI. I only have MBR systems laying around and one GPT laptop that no longer boots...

    I've used Diskpart to delete partitions, try and

    I've tried W8.1 x64 install again...Fail "Windows 8.1 couldn't create a new partition or locate an existing one"

    Apprently restoring it formated all partitions to NTFS instead of Fat32. 

    Any suggestions before wipping out the entire drive and starting over???

    Can I extract from the "Backup partition" the images I've created to an external?

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