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I can't wrap my head around the difference. I have a bunch of music files. I make the following kinds of changes: delete files, re-tag files, and add files. I would like to make a full backup and then shorter backups that only handle the files that have changed. But I don't want to keep the old files in the backup, otherwise I'll run out of space. In which kind of backup are the deleted and old files removed from the backup?


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    Hello denti,


    Welcome to our forum. You may do a full backup task and then follow-up incremental backups. This kind of backup method will take less time and disk space to save the image file. Finally, if you run out of disk space to continue backup, you can follow these steps to delete old backup files:

    1.      In the “Home”screen, select the backup and click “Advanced”—“Locate Image”, immediately, youwill be directed to the directory where you save the image.

    2.      For Full Backup + Incrementalbackup, since every incremental backup is based on the last backup, so if youdelete any previous image file will make the entire subsequent image filesinvalid. Therefore, you must start from the last one and backwards deleteincremental backups. After that, you may start new incremental backup now.


    You can click here to learn more about what are Incremental Backup and Differential Backup.

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