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  • I am trying to create a 'Windows To Go' install on a Monster 3.0 256GB SSD USB 3.0 drive using a OEM 8.1 disk as the source for INSTALL.WIM file.  It completes successfully but when trying to boot on a number of different computers it seems to start attempting to boot into the USB but gets a BSOD error, fails, and restarts.  Also the drive is listed as a REMOVABLE DRIVE in Disk Management as well... Any ideas?    

  • me too have the same problem, at the start its look like getting so smooth, it didnt boot, in my first try i used 16gb Sandisk cruzer edge, and in my second one i used 40gb fujitsu but gave same result on boot.

  • Windows to Go creation was working fine using a USB 3.0 adapter cable

    connected to an external SSD: Win10 64-bit "Redstone 2" version 1703, build Wanted to update to latest "Redstone 3" version 1709, which (from previous experience) requires a complete re-format and re-install, due to it being an external USB bootable drive. Attempting an "in place" upgrade results in a non-bootable drive.

    However, after that was all finished upgrading, ended up with Windows 10 S (version 1709), instead of Windows 10 Pro (version 1709). The .iso file title is: "16299.15.170928-1534.RS3_RELEASE_CLIENTCOMBINED_UUP_X64FRE_EN-US.ISO"

    which should have resulted in Windows 10 Pro being installed, and not Windows 10 S.

  • Update: Rufus was able to correctly install Windows 10 Pro "to Go" on an external USB drive, via providing a pop-up windows that allows selecting from among about 8 or 10 different Windows 10 versions, such as: "N", "S", "Home", "Pro", etc.. AOMEI needs to consider adding that kind of feature.

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