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  • You will have to extract the .esd to a folder, then you can capture the folder as install .wim.

    To extract, you need either the newest dism version ( which you will have with build 17031).

    Or you can use winntsetup, nice and easy.

    To capture the folder you extrac

    ted it to, you can use several tools, the new dism, or nice and easy, Gimagex.

  • To mikiem and asawyer :

    The windows to go creator is for installing from install.wim to a usb drive. 

    It seems you do not have install.wim. You may have install.esd, whch MS has recently started pushing out to the public.

    Currently, there are no available complete 3rd party tools which handle .esd files correctly.

    Windows to go creator does exactly what is is supposed to do.

    MS have moved the goalposts.

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    People are working on it , at sourceforge for example.

  • I plugged a Kingston Traveler to my computer to try with Windows To Go Creator.

    My computer (Windows 8.1 64 bit) recognized the USB drive, and I can copy/move data to this drive, but AOMEI tool cannot recognize the USB, even I pressed Refresh button couple of times.

    Could you give me a suggestion?

  • I tried to use Windows To Go creator - the process has been reported finish.

    But when I tried to boot my laptop with this USB, nothing happen. It comes to my normal Windows as regular.

    I tried with Ubuntu in USB and it works, so I do not think there is any problem with my USB port.

  • There is an important point to remember about Windows to Go.  It requires that the drive show up as a hard disk rather than a removable drive.  Windows to Go certified thumb drives do this.  Ordinary ones do not. 

  • i might be a bit behind here... but i finally got the windows to go creator to work... but it wont boot on my asus tablet.  it works on my windows 7 pc however... is there some reason this wouldnt work on a device already running windows 8?

    Thank you,


  • Mcfallderrick,

    Be sure that the Windows 8 tablet is setup to be able to boot from the USB device.  Also, make sure that it's configured for the type of boot setup you're using (UEFI or MBR).  Instructions for how to do this should be available from Asus for the tablet.

  • Hello friend, I read that your Windows To Go Creator creates an image of windows on an external hard drive but only Windows 8 and 8.1. If I wanted to instead create a copy of Windows 7 how can I do? Obviously trying with your program tells me that the iso that use is not Windows 8 and does not go forward. Can you recommend a program that is similar to yours, but I can use it for Windws 7? thanks

  • Robytotem,

    Windows to Go is a feature of Windows 8/8.1.  It is not supported with Windows 7.  You can create a PE with 7 using Aomei PE Builder, but this is not the same thing. 

    PE Builder

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