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Restoring drive images from NAS or shared network folder.

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Hi all! I am new here on the forum, but I have been using the Free 2.2 Backupper for a while now.

My suggestion would be to make the Linux restore USB iso better at finding shared folder on NAS or shared computers.

When I use the Linux USB there is never a problem recovering an image from disk to disk if they are connected to the same PC, that is all good.

But today when more and more people and companys are using some kind of shared storage on the network, I would like a more robust network handling and discovery feature in the rescue media (USB or CD/DVD).

I would not mind having a bigger iso for the Linux recovery image, if it is a lack of drivers that is needed to find network shares as it is today?

In short, a rescue USB stick that fits almost all enviroments and computers, could this be possible?




  • Nothing, no emloyees working on the forum?


  • I have been trying many of these "drive image backup" solutions, just to find a solution that I can use in general to deploy at costumers.

    I want to feel confedant that when a drive brakes or a virus hits, that I can reach the NAS or shared volume holding all the images.

    So far no solution if good enough, when you try to restore from your USB stick. All solutions have their drawbacks.

    So far the REDO backup solution with a edited code (Seems the software is abandoned) I found on the internet works best, almost capable to connect all sorts of PC:s and OS:s.

    I did try the PE version, but even if I did add the network drivers it sometimes could not connect to the LAN.

    Not to mention that you need to make a separate USB stick for each computer.


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