Code 12 Error


Partition Assistant Server Edition

When we
try to add space to our c drive on Windows 2008 Server it fails and need
to be restarted in PoS mode. While in POS mode we keep getting a
failure notice with Code 12  Disk drive is not consistent. Do you have a
solution to this issue or what this error code relates to?


  • Hello auroalabs,

    Welcome to our forum. Tthis problem may be caused by Windows Device Manager. When the system start, the device manager may load your devices one by one, and then record the number of your devices. When you reboot if the number of device is not as the same as the record, it may cause error code 12.

    To solve this problem, in your situation, you can try "Extend Partition Wizard" to extend system partition without rebooting. Here are some conditions to use this feature: 1)sytem partition must be NTFS format. 2)No pagefile, no live applications running in the partitions after system partition C:, so you should remove pagefile if it is not located in C: drive before.

    Or you can resize the partition in Windows Preinstall Environment, therefore you need to create AOMEI Partition Assistant bootable CD and then boot from the CD to resize the partition.

    Also you may try disconnect some of your external storage devices and remain target disk.

    If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us back.

    Best regards,

    AOMEI Support Team

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