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  • Hi,

    Backupper v2.2 has both Disk Clone and System Clone options. I'm a little confused about which I should use to transfer the entire contents of my laptop HDD to a new Samsung 850 Pro SSD.

    Both options seem to do the same thing but System Clone has only been available with v2.1. Has System Clone now replaced Disk Clone?

    Thanks. image

  • I have the same question. About to do the exact same thing as you but not sure which one to pick 

  • I went with Disk Clone and it was fine. image

  • Disk clone will clone the selected disk. System Clone will clone needed System partitions but might leave out data partitions etc..

  • Thanks ganon. Looks like I chose the right option as my laptop with new SSD is performing perfectly. image

  • What Ganon said - ONE caveat though.  AOMEI might not recognize a few of the many possible primary parittions your brand of PC is using for a Windows 64 bit UEFI booted system.

    Becasue UEFI can have a lot more primary paritions than the old MBR system some manufactures have 6 or more primary paritions.  Some are the standard recovery parition and the Windows boot parition etc.  My new laptop has 4 additional ones (plus the one data parition I carved out of the C: drive space).  Not backing up these spurious extra partitions may keep your PC from working right should an entire recovery become necessary. 

    I manually select my backup partitions and make sure it backs up all these "extra" partitions and make sure to leave my data parition OUT.  I back up my data a different way.

  • Rootman:

    I forget about that :/

    I HATE UEFI / EFI .... I've never managed to recover a EFI machine if it doesn't boot like I can do with a MBR based machine.

    That's why every machine I make is setup with MBR .... So much easier to manage and backup!

  • Yes, I agree about UEFI.  As long as the disk is smaller than 2TB I see no real advantage ot it at all, it breaks so many "good old" tools and methods we have honed over the decades. I know MBRs can get hosed aweful quick but dang, the can be fixed pretty quicl;y too with the right tools. UEFI holds no real tangable benefits to be in the typical desktop environment.  Servers?  Yes.  desktps, not so much. 

    This issue of unreliable UEFI restorations is one thing that is keeping me form firmly jumping into bed with AOMEI.  The last version seems to fix most of the issues but still fails to convert the drive from MBR to UEFI if the drive happened to of been used as MBR the last time.  This would not affect a lot of users, but will affect SOME.

    It really irks me that manufacturers have to put in 6 or more primary parition too, enoughs enough already!

  • I purchased Backupper Pro 2.2 for the express purpose of cloning my existing system HD drive, which is the boot drive, to a new larger HDD.

    I am using a Dell XPS 730x PC, Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit.

    Using Backupper, I did a dick clone with no apparent problems, but when I removed my original boot drive and tried to boot off the clone, I got an error message in a control screen, stating that bootmgr is missing.

    @ Moderator or Techo, kindly provide step by step instructions as to how to clone my existing HDD, so that the clone works exactly like my existing cloned HDD.

    Thanks in anticipation.

  • My Acer's HDD had 3 partitions:-

    PQSERVICE - size 14.37Gb NTFS


    ACER (C:) - size 223.52Gb NTFS

    All three partitions were successfully cloned on the new SSD. The only issue I had was that PQSERVICE was assigned a drive letter and was visible in Explorer. After removing its drive letter it became invisible.

    On first boot everything was fine and Windows loaded. Disk Clone worked fine here.

  • double post.

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