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Hi all,

Thanks for using AOMEI programs. AOMEI Technology is delighted to the encouragement and support of all users. We sincerly invite all of you to take part in our beta testing program. With the support of beta testers, we are able to elevate our software solutions to a higher quality level before releasing them.

What's new in AOMEI Backupper 2.5?

1. Added Universal Restore: allow you to restore a system backup image created on one computer to another with different hardware.

2. Optimized PXE Network Booting: add HTTP method to speed up the downloading of image file.

Beta Program Download Link

You’re all welcomed to provide any feedback, and let us know how we’re doing. 

1. Report bugs about Universal Restore.

2. Report bugs about PXE Network Booting.

3. Any other ideas would be appreciated.

If you have any questions regarding AOMEI Backupper Testing, please write to [email protected] or follow this thread.

Your Gift:

The most active 100 users who provide helpful suggestions will FREE receive one of the following gifts:

1. Final version of AOMEI Backupper Server 2.5 ($139 USD value).

2. AOMEI Partition Assistant Server 5.6.3 ($139 USD value).

We know it is far from enough to express our sincere thanks from AOMEI Technology. AOMEI Technology wants to thank you all in advance for your contribution!


  • Will backups created using free version 2.2 be able to be used for Universal Restore feature of 2.5?

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    I hope that the next version will not only add new features but also fix existing bugs and the requested improvements apart from the PXE one.

  • It wasn’t clear if beta comments should be on the thread or
    to this email. Let me know if this acceptable for future comments.

    I have been helping beta test another backup program called Ax64 and that is
    where I heard of AOMEI from another tester. I play to put the beta on a number
    of machines. (probably 5 at this time) to try it out and look for issues.

    Right now my first comment is that it was not totally clear to me that the
    “System backup” should be used or the “Disk backup”.

    The issue was the system back description doesn’t explain that besides the
    system files, also all the data files would also be backed up. I read through
    the help files and tried experimenting and realized it did both. I think you
    should clarify this.

    Next saying the system backup is one click is not correct. After pressing
    system back you still have choose your source and destination drives as well. I
    was afraid at first to click on “system backup one click” as I thought it would
    be immediately starting a backup, even though I hadn’t selected even a
    destination yet. Again this should be clarified as others might also be

  • I have the beta running on a number of machines. Since I always use a NAS and have it mapped to z: on all machines (different shares though) The email notifications don't really tell me which machine I am getting the email from. I suggest the email notifications include the PC name in them.

  • As a first time user of your product I was greatly confused by the dual nature of the control buttons in the product. It turns out when there are two down arrows in the button it means you have mutiple choices of the button, when there is one button facing left or right it means to execute.

    This is not normal windows behaviour. I have never encountered it before.

    By doing it this you make the average user frustrated. I had to go in and read the help sections to understand what was happening. In the long run this will cause you grief as user will not understand and will be either going to support to try and get help or ditching the product. Please rethink how you do this.

    Also some indications that someone is reading this thread and this is the correct place to make comments on the beta would also be appreciated.

  • I suggest to improve Schedule Backup, because I don't keep my external hd connected all the time and I need to be informed about the right moment to switch on.

    I know this can be obtained with email notifications, but I think a
    typical user would prefer to be informed through straight windows messages in notification area without going mad in scripts.

    For example, a valid notification error like this (in foreground):

    No device was detected. Please connect it and try again.  Continue/Exit

  • If I am going to use the Universal Restore to deploy an image to a number of laptops (Windows XP) do I need to sysprep the machine before running the backup?

  • Hopefully, this version will fix the problem with scheduled back-ups where they run once without problems - then don't run again the next week.  If not, I'm afraid that I'll be looking for another product and posting negative reviews.  I went with Backupper because it seemed to automate backups to my NAS from the networked computers - but it only automated the first round.  After that, I'm having to do the incrementals manually, even through there's a task scheduled.  Which defeats the purpose, rather.  Multiple emails to AOMEI have been promptly responded to... but not helpful.

    Fix this, folks.  Or this backup software is an expensive waste.

  • I have just tried using  Universal Restore to retsore a windows 8.1 system backup from a 250Gb seagate (dynamic drive) to a 60Gb OCZ ssd. 
    It stated restored succesfully , but when boot from the SSD, I got error message "Your PC needs to be repaired". Any one got any thoughts how to fix this? 

    I will be trying partition to partition next (250gb seagate to 250 gb seagate) , and other backup/restore soon :) 


  • just to clarify, system backup from a 250Gb seagate (dynamic drive) to a 60Gb OCZ ssd is on the same machine. 

  • I also tried using the linux bootable, logitech wireless keyboard / mouse aint responding. 
    But not problems with windows PE bootable. 


  • Thank you all for your suggestions for our product!

    @ScottAdams, backups created using free version 2.2 are able to be used for Universal Restore feature of 2.5; "Universal Restore" is created for system.

    @deejay, if you do, it's better. However, you can deploy first, if it won't work after deployment, you can then manually install the needed drivers, etc.

    @uccoffe, from your not clear picture, maybe you should fix your BCD. 

  • @admin, will try fixing the BCD tonight. Just trying difference methods to make sure the backup/restore work.  
    but how come need to fix BCD with command lines? I used to use ghost 15 for windows 7 before, and migrating from 1 HDD to another doesnt need command line repair. 

  • @uccoffee, There maybe something wrong, say restoration, but I don't konw what exactly it is. In most cases, the recovery will success without any problem; yet, there still be some expections.

  • I have tried 2 more times with "SYSTEM BACKUP" then restore to different drives (SSD or SATA drive) and got the same BCD problem, I wondered is it because the windows 8.1 system is on a dynamic disk.  
    Anyway, I used these commands and successfully boot up, but feel a bit buggy, and fail to boot again after a few reset. I have to use these commands to make it boot again. 


    SELECT DISK (followed by the number of the disk . most likely 0)
    SELECT PARTITION (followed by your partition number. most likely 0)

    bootrec /fixmbr
    bootrec /fixboot
    bootrec /scanos
    bootrec /rebuildbcd

    bcdboot c:\windows

    repair startup

    Also, I tried using the "partition backup" and restore, it cannot boot even I tried using windows command to fix it, but the drive can be seen as use as a normal drive. 

    I cannot test out the system CLONE due to the drive is a "dynamic disk". 

    I will try backup/restore with a basic disk later and see are there any difference. 

  • I wonder is it due to that your operations are not really system restoration to dissimilar hardware as you said imageOr, you can just try System Restore not Universal Restore on the same machine.

  • @admin I have tried both system restore and universal restore.  The system seems fine after the bcd fix (which was a bit scary) for the 2nd day now. 
    Both with or without universal restore needs some bcd fix to make it boot properly. 

    also, my system is a funny one, it was upgraded from 7 to 8 to 8.1 , with only 1 partition , contain all the system, boot, page file, active, crash dump. Not 2 partitions which has the 200-300Mb system partition seperate like most windows 8 machine. 

  • @admin how come someone's comment got deleted? 

    Anyway, I have transfer the system to a basic disk , and backup/restore seems fine. 
    So, that must be the dynamic disk restore problem with AOMEI. 

  • This is my first time using the software so I thought I'd help in beta testing. I attempted to clone a partition from one disk to another, but after an hour or so of processing, the new partition is empty.

    It originally did not have a drive letter assigned as I had just wiped a drive for testing. After the attempted clone, the new partition has a drive letter, but no data.

    I will format the new partition and attempt the process again now that it has a drive letter to see if that makes a difference.

    If there is a log file you would like to see, please let me know and I'll email it to you.



  • @uccoffee, I have no idea for someone's comment got deleted, but we won't delete others' comments wether they are awards or criticisms to us unless adds etc. And, Backupper does support dynamic disk, but it seems that it doesn't work in your situation.

    @webtop, thank you for your help and we'll appreciate it if you send us your log file.

  • @admin i know Backupper does support dynamic disk, for those software does not, they cannot even back up the dynamic disk part.
    I am just trying to figure out why Backupper just does not automatically fix the bcd etc for the dynamic disk system back etc.  I change to use basic disk now. hopefully wont have any problem for a long term. Will try windows 10 when it comes out. 

  • @uccoffee, I have consulted our development department, they have no idea either at present but will work on this problem. Hope that it will be solved when the official version comes out. 

    And, thank your for your testing work for us!

  • @Hazcat

    Thats my experience too. A great product at a first glance but many lacks in detail. IMHO Aomei has absolutely to improve the basic tasks before adding new features.

  • It will be even better if the backupper have the function of automatcially delete old back ups. But need to make sure it can back up and restore properly 1st.     

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    Little confused on System Backup and Disk Backup and Cloning can't use USB attached drive

  • Many nice new things with Backupper 2.5 ...  but not sure any noticable performance gains as of yet

  • started playing with 2.5 on several other PCs.  Would be nice to be able to pause and also resume during a backup if some other worked needed to be performed and you didn't want to risk backup file being compromised

  • cant use anymore, the 2.5 beta seems expired, back to 2.2 standard

  • Same here, great... image

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