Migrate OS Wizard

MBR disk only supports up to 2TB partition size, so when you have a disk which is MBR formatted and larger than 2TB, you could only use 2TB disk size among it, however the rest was wasted.It becomes more and more important to convert and migrate between MBR disk to GPT disk to make full use of the disk space. But many softwares prevent you from converting system disk, since GPT system disk only could boot from UEFI motherboard, but MBR system disk could not boot from this configuration. As we all know, AOMEI Partition Assistant only supports to convert non-system (data) basic disk from MBR to GPT or GPT to MBR without losing data, does not support for converting system disk between MBR and GPT before.Todaywe will introduce the latest version to you here.It can succeed in migrating system disk between MBR and GPT.It allows you to migrate operating system to new hard disk or a speedy new SSD without reinstalling everything.




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