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  • フリーソフト100 ‏@freesoft100
  • Tokyo Japan
  • 2015.10

#レビュー, AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard - ★★★★★ Gonbeさん 本ソフトは、私が使用している数少ない中国産フリーソフトの中で良品の一つ。 個人用・商用ともに無…

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  • Soraya Marlene
  • Newport, Isle of Wight
  • 2015.9

I just used the partition recovery tool. I have to say for a freeway it is a very efficient and fast tool to recover nearly 250 GB of information just by recovering the partition. Many thanks.

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  • Reg Wood
  • Melbourne Australia
  • 2015.4

Thanks for developing such a good program, I tried Acronis and Novabackup at first but both gave me more trouble than they were worth then I found your program on a Google search and it was so easy to follow from making a recovery disk to backing up my windows 8.1 system to another hard drive.
Kind Regards

From Email

  • Mark Bessette
  • North Haven Britain
  • 2015.3

The partition application saved me hours of backing up, imaging and reloading the server just to enlarge the “C” drive.

From Email

  • Zetan
  • New york America
  • 2015.2

“Hy Guys!
I was in serious trouble I installed windows 8.1 and having hard disk of 80 GB as I am student
I made 25 GB C drive, 15 GD D Drive for educational purpose and E : rest of remaining after installing win and other software system got slowed and ask disk space is low
Finally thorugh your software I made it 30 GB
Vanishing D
and now having C 30 GB and E of remaining
U made me happyyy, yeww rockkkkkkkkkkkkk :* :* :* :* :* :* <4 <4 <4”

From Facebook

  • Yasuhiro
  • Nara Japan
  • 2015.10

HDDからTranscend SSD370S 256GB にWindows10環境をコピーしようとするが、Transcend純正ツールはWindows10環境で上手く動かず。ということでAOMEI Backupper を使ってみる

From Twitter

  • Patrick McCabe
  • USA
  • 2015.3

Your backup system and email notifications work great.
Thank you!

By Email

  • Nils
  • USA
  • 2015.2

I really like your program. I have tried several programs, but found out that your Aoemitech is the best for me.
Thank you again an have a pleasent day.
Kind regards

By Email

  • Dan
  • Dan
  • 2015.2

Four reasons I bought several copies of Backupper pro. First backup speed.
Had been using Paragon software, could not restore individual files from system image backup.
I can continue to use PC while backup is running.
Able to restore individual files from windows explorer interface.
I have been an IT guy for 36 years, used many different backup software products over the years, yours is the best.

By Email

  • Craig Geer
  • Cuballing, Western Australia
  • 2014.9

Happy to like your page. Backupper just saved me again. Thanks for agreat product. grin emoticon

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