Maybe you are familiar with AOMEI Partition Assistant and AOMEI Backupper; or, other disk partition and backup & restore software. AOMEI Technology is just a developer majored in such field. We aim at benefiting 81% users with AOMEI’s programs for free. Thus, there are almost 20 millions people using AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard and AOMEI Backupper Standard. However, with limited human source and language barrier, we can’t ensure those users with best solutions to each of their problems. Therefore, we wish to have some volunteers, who are familiar with and favor disk partition and backup, to solve problems encountered by those users through forum, email, phone call, etc. Hope that you can become one of AOMEI volunteers and technical supporters!

Our Requirements on You

  • Be skilled in computer field especially in partition management, backup & restore and system maintenance. It’s much better if you are Microsoft MVPs, MCPs, MCTS as well as VMware vExperts, VMware Certified Professionals, VMware Certified Instructors, VMUG members, etc.
  • Be familiar with AOMEI products and find it easy to solve the problems they promised to. And, can solve most such problems with the help of them.
  • You are an activist in social media. For example, like to reply to friends’ message; give your advice when others need help; once in a while share your ideas with fellows, etc.
  • Most importantly, be willing to do this work and love it.

How It Works?

  1. you decided to be one of AOMEI volunteer technical supporter, just contact us at with following information:
    • Which language you can handle with;
    • Email address you are willing to give to users;
    • Phone number (with country code) you are willing to give to users (optional).
  2. If you are admitted, when there is user who needs your help, we will forward his email to you and give your email or phone number with your permission to him. Then, you can help the user with his problem via email or phone call.
  3. You can also register to be our forum moderator to help users there. If you find people somewhere in SNS, forums who are using AOMEI products asking for help, please give yours. Or, if you find people whose problems can be solved by AOMEI products, you could recommend the products to them.

What Benefits You Can Get?

  • Licenses of AOMEI paid products and together with free lifetime upgrades.
  • Special discount for your families, friends, colleagues, etc to buy AOMEI products.
  • Enjoy AOMEI product new features before users by joining our beta test program.
  • Our thanks for you on our websites and back link for your webpage (if you have).