Brief Description to AOMEI Distributor Program

AOMEI Distributor and Publisher
Our Distributor Program enables our distributors to make higher profits from promoting our products in their own local marketing channels. There are two kinds of people who can be our distributors. For one kind, you are already one of our resellers and sells well; you can apply to be our exclusive distributor. For the other kind, if you plan to buy many for once, you can also apply to be our distributor.

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Processes to Be Our Distributor

  • 1Submit application: Fill in the chart bellow and submit it to us.
  • 2Evaluation: We will evaluate your qualification to be our partners.
  • 3Email negotiation: If we accept your partnership, we will negotiate detailed matters about cooperation, such as price, terms & conditions and delivery.
  • 4Send coupon code: After all terms are set, we will send you the special coupon code to buy our products.
  • 5Buy products: Use the coupon code you received to purchase your interested products in our store.

Sign up AOMEI Distributor Program

To apply to be a distributor of AOMEI Technology, you just need to fulfill and submit the following form. We promise to keep your privacy and evaluate your application within 72 hours. Whether you have passed our evaluation or not, we will inform you by email.

* Required information
You also feel free to write to Reseller Email directly. If you have not get a response after submitting above form within 72 hours, we suggest you write to us by email. Thank you!

AOMEI Distributor Program FAQS

What discount can I get from your distributor program?
The discount we give to our distributor varies from different condition. The more you buy, the better discount you get. People who have been our distributors for a long time and helped a lot in promoting our products will get good discount and so on. For exact discount, please contact us.
Why should I consider becoming distributor of AOMEI Technology?
We provide our partners with high-quality products, low wholesale prices, extra discount for excellent partners, flexible customization and increase their brand exposure. All in all, we will do our best to make our partners make more profits in selling our programs, because only if they earn more, can we gain more.
How can I become an AOMEI distributor?
First fulfill a chart about your basic information (the more detailed the better) and submit it to us. We will value your application and may ask for more information via email. Then, inform you our decision. If you passed, we’ll further negotiate about price, terms & conditions, etc. Finally, we will tell you how to buy the products. At the same time, your logo will be published on our website.
What are your terms of ordering, payment and delivery?
We support payment by Credit Card, WebMoney, PayPal, Bank/Wire Transfer, Check/Money order, Fax, etc. Usually, once your order is processed successfully, the license code and an electronic invoice of the software will be immediately sent to your set email. You are not allowed to send the coupon information of our products to anyone else. For more terms and conditions, please download our distributor program document
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