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Language switching

Welcome to Language Files Download Center

If you want to change displaying language in software, you can download

the language files to replace one in software.

Please Choose the Product (s) You Would Like to Translate

Some of the following language files have not yet been added into AOMEI Backupper or AOMEI Partition Assistant.However, you can download your native language file and rename it to your language.txt (eg. fr.txt for French languagelist), and then replace the en.txt file in the lang folder of installation directory with it. Sorry for the inconvenience! Wewill add those language files into our products as soon as possible.

Language Files List

  • AOMEI Backupper
  • AOMEI Partition Assistant

Please choose the language version you want to download: 3.2

You can download the language file that you're familiar with below to modify it or to transfer it into another language.

Language Translator Download
English AOMEI Technology
Chinese Traditional 丹楓
German Sabrina
Italian Antonio Ciccariello
French Frédéric Dectot
Danish Bolle Barnewitz
Greek Αθανάσιος Λαζαρακόπουλος
Dutch Alfons Van de Meutter
Japanese AOMEI Technology
Language Translator Download
English AOMEI Technology
Chinese Traditional Carl Yuan
Hungarian Brechler Zsolt
French Frédéric Dectot
Turkish Kaya Zeren
Russian сергей чуков