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  • AOMEI Centralized backup Management Preview

    Releasing on Oct.31,2017

    AOMEI Centralized Backup Management (ACBM) is a specially designed software application to manage remote backup for a large number of PCs and Servers within local LAN.

    With the help of AOMEI Centralized Backup Management, you can use your computer as a central server to start, schedule, stop backup jobs for all PCs and Servers in local net. This gives you the ability to backup system, disk, partition on multiple PCs and Servers to a share or NAS simultaneously from your computer, instead of backing up each PC and Server one by one.


    Main Features of AOMEI Centralized Backup Management:

    Manage and monitor backup tasks for all PCs and Servers in local net

    Schedule backup: automatically backup data at a certain interval

    View details or result of each backup job in Logs

    Organize PCs and Servers in various Groups to have a better management


    Win Pro Editions of AOMEI Software for FREE!

    We have always valued suggestions and requirements about our users, please dont hesitate to leave your idea about how we could make AOMEI Centralized Management a better software on this post below.


    1. If your suggestion or requirement have been adopted in this or the future version of AOMEI Centralized Management, you will have 3-year AOMEI Centralized Backup Management Premium for FREE and 1 free license from below:

    Server edition of AOMEI Backupper

    Server edition of AOMEI Partition Assistant


    *All these users and their suggestions or requirements will be shown on a list in our forum on Nov.1, 2017

    *We will inform these users within one week after Oct.31 by forum private message and Email to choose the license code theyd like to have.

    *Once AOMEI Centralized backup Management Premium has been released in the future. Well contact all these users by Email and activate 3-year AOMEI Centralized backup Management Premium for them.


    2. Any one who leaves his suggestion or requirement for AOMEI Centralized Backup Management before Oct.31, 2017 can have 1 license from below:

    Pro edition of AOMEI Backupper

    Pro edition of AOMEI Partition Assistant

    *We will inform these users within one week after Oct.31 by forum private message to choose the license code theyd like to have. 

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    AOMEI Centralized backup Management is a free advanced centralized backup software application, but your idea can help to make it even better!

  • If you have universal restore, a function could be placed where the administrator could add the drives if the computer is not the same as the others. Also the possibility of not managing locally, but remotely online .. say in another company or even home.

  • realltime file back

    phone app for view and manage and apply task

    Encrypting image with AOMEI Centralized Backup Management

  • 1st: send or generate regulary Reports of grouped computers. including last backup, backup status, grown sizes, expected size in x months

    2nd: remote restore a pc to a choosen state (from backups), or last working state

    3rd: clone a pc/server to a pc started with a bootstick or pxe-boot. maybe timed or filtered by mac-adresses. this could be a really good posibility to rollout definied workstations if this is done as universal restore with a sysprep


  • - a central management of backuptimes. in detail: all computers belong to a special group. all these computers start to backup in a timewindow. but not all together to lower the network performance or the ressources of the backuptarget. or only x backupjobs can take place at the same time and the next one have to wait until one finished

    - a good feature would be to include a direkt link with the actual ip to a remoteviewer to see whats really shown on the computer. something like vnc-viewer, remotedesktop or teamviewer.

    - convert an backupimage to vhdx or vmdk to use it in hyper-v or vmware. so we could restore a failed computer really fast as a virtual machine until it´s repaired

    - include all important messages in the windows syslog. so anybody can use them in monitoring systems. like failed backups, missed backups, backups ok

    - a remote update of all backupper clients if a new version is available. timed, choosen or automatic

    - use snmp for monitoring systems

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