To convert disk between GPT and MBR style enables you to manage basic disks more effectively and save your life. As you know, that Windows only allows you to initialize blank disk to GPT or MBR. That meant you having to delete all the partition on the disk before the conversion. So once you have stored a lot of data on the disk, it would be a big trouble to do this conversion. However, currently Partition Assistant has enhanced its function. It allows you to convert a data storage disk to GPT or MBR style without data loss.

Why need convert MBR to GPT?

You may experience that you could not create more partitions if there were four primary partitions. And if the disk is greater than 2TB, you could only use 2TB, but the rest of the disk space could not be used. These are the limitations of MBR disk. In this case, you could convert your disk to GPT disk. Because GPT disk support large partition size-greater than 2TB, allows up to 128 primary partitions and provides greater reliability. Compared with the MBR disk, it has more advantages.

Why need convert GPT to MBR?

Sometimes you need to convert GPT disk to MBR disk and then use it for data storage on WinXp 32-bit or other low-level operating system. Since these OS could not access GPT disk, the system only prompt you with ÔÇťGPT protective partitionÔÇŁ unless you convert it to MBR disk.

To convert MBR to GPT or convert GPT to MBR without data loss, please refer to this tutorial: Convert Disk between MBR and GPT


Note: system disk could not be converted, because currently MBR boot disk and GPT boot disk are based on different motherboard.


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