About backup to external hard drive There are two main purposes about backing up your computer. The first and possibly the most common, is to make copies of important files. The second is to back up your whole PC hard drive, which makes it easier to recover from a disaster. Backup Windows system or files [...]


Question: I have a computer with a 60GB SSD and a 1TB HDD. I use the SSD essentially just for the OS and use the 1TB hard drive just as storage device. Now I would like to make a backup of my SSD to the 1 TB hard drive to avoid catastrophic system failure. Who [...]


How to backup C drive with free software

On December 24, 2012, in Partition Manager, by 闪亮

Hard drive plays an important role in computer system, because it contains Windows operating system which is the heart of computer, and some other important applications and programs. When you use one computer long enough, you’ll probably encounter some sorts of malfunctions that cause you to lose data or worse. So, it is critical to [...]

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