If you lost the partition accidently, how could you recover it? Did you need to use data recovery software? Actually not very necessary, you just need a partition recovery tool and then you can restore your data.


Actually, no matter you do a fresh reinstallation or use 3rd party tool, change your disk mode from IDE to AHCI (BIOS->Configuration) is an important step. Otherwise you couldn’t gain the full performance of SSD. However, if you change IDE to AHCI in Bios directly after installed OS, you will find you could not boot into your system. That is why many people suggest reinstalling OS. Do not worry; we could change something else in our “regedit” to avoid this problem:


Good news, Aomei Partition Assistant 5.1 Multi-language version has been released. Version 5.1, as the latest upgrade edition of Partition Assistant which strengthens management on Solid State Disk (SSD) and realize the conversion between GPT/MBR disk without data loss. And it now supports multi-language, include: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Chinese. In the nearly future will support more.


Have you ever encounter “GPT protective partition” could not be accessed? And ever have a disk which is greater than 2TB, but you could only use 2TB and the rest of the disk space are still shown as unallocated space could not be used? Currently that is no longer a big problem, even through you have much of data on these disks, you could use Partition Assistant to convert them between GPT and MBR style without data loss.

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