Dynamic disks provide more flexibility that basic disks do not have. Such as fault tolerance and data redundancy. Partitions on dynamic disks are called dynamic volumes, besides there are five types of dynamic volumes namely: simple volume, spanned volume, striped volume, mirrored volume, and RAID5 volume. A striped volume (also known as RAID 0) splits data evenly across two or more disks with no parity information for redundancy.


As we know a mirrored volume provides an identical volume of the selected dynamic volume. Besides, all data written to the mirrored volume is written to both volumes. All dynamic volumes can be mirrored including the system volume or boot volume. A mirrored volume provides fault-tolerance and data redundancy. When one of the volumes fails, we must break the mirrored volume to expose the remaining mirror as a separate volume with its own drive letter.


Warning during make partition in Windows 7 However, before making a new partition in Windows 7, there are some rules that you need to pay attention. Or you may face the problem as below: When making a new partition in Windows 7, you may get system warning: “the disk you select will convert to dynamic [...]


We could divide hard disk into several partitions for different usages. For example, C drive is usually for the operating system while D drive is for storing personal data and files such as music and movies. By doing so, data and file management will be much easier.


Sometimes, people prefer to partition their hard drives into several parts for different usages. For example, the C drive is usually where the operating system resides while D drive is used to store personal data and files. However, there are always exceptions. Many users would like to combine partitions so as to manage their disk partitions easily and conveniently. If we search the internet, we could also find a lot of related topics of how to combine partitions. Below are two examples:

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