So, with the handy Aomei Dynamic Disk Converter, convert dynamic disk to basic Windows 7 like a piece of cake, you never need delete all the dynamic volumes or backup the dynamic volumes from now on, keep reading the following articles to get more information about dynamic disk and then experience Aomei Dynamic Disk Converter magic feature on converting dynamic disk to basic.


Why we need resize partition? Resize partition is a necessary step when we find our partition size goes improper when more and more programs stored in, especially for C: system partition. Usually, we need shrink other large partitions to release some unallocated space, and then add the unallocated space to the partition. Free partition resizer—Aomei [...]


Dynamic disk is widely used by most computer users (especially for Server users) day by day because the dynamic volumes could created on multiple disks and improve volumes flexibly. The problem is, in Windows Disk Management, dynamic volume could be extended by Disk Management however just for Simple Volume and Spanned Volume. Says, the dynamic volume still cannot be extended in most condition, especially for the system partition.


It is well known that Windows 7 32 bit requires at least 15-20GB (Windows 7 64 bit requires 25GB-30GB) to install. However, most of us don’t partition so much space for installing system in the age of Windows XP. Therefore, after upgrade to Win7, users always get the warning notice “Low Disk Space” as below: [...]


As we know, the early partition magic, it can not solve many people’s problem now. Besides some features disabled, it can not support Windows 7 at all. However, in Windows 7, low disk space risk usually bothers users although Windows 7 Disk Management has feature on resizing partition.

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