Once you get this program, manage dynamic disk will no longer a headache, Aomei Dynamic Disk Manager can assist you resize dynamic disks, create dynamic volumes, add drive to RAID 5, remove drive from RAID 5, etc.


Today is the sixth day during Aomei Dynamic Disk Manager Beta Test period, the final version of Aomei Dynamic Disk Manager will be released after five days, at the beginning of August. Since the Beta Version unveiled on 20th, July, thousands of testers take an active part in beta testing, among them, students, IT, website owners, organizations and large enterprises included.


With half a year constant effort, Aomei brand-new program, Dynamic Disk Manager developed out, which is the first versatile program can manage dynamic disk well. That means Aomei provide best solution for majority dynamic disk users. Instead of dynamic volume deletion, dynamic disk to basic conversion, easily manage dynamic disk is not a tough task from now on.


Compare to the Windows 7/Vista/2008 Disk Management, one of the most important highlights is Aomei Partition Assistant can exchange the locations between unallocated space and partitions with all data protection during the process. This is the key condition to ensure extend one partition proceed.


“Why Windows Disk Management won’t allow me create new partition on Windows 7 unless convert the disk into dynamic disk? It also remind me once the conversion take place, I can not to start installed operating system so I canceled the operation. Why I got such message and what should I do then?…”

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