If we try, we can find the solution, google “change partition size windows 7”, some excellent partition magic Windows 7 manager includes Aomei Partition Assistant Pro Edition can do us a big favor.


PS3 read NTFS failed because NTFS can not be supported by PS3, so does XBOX 360. NTFS to FAT32 Converter makes convert NTFS to FAT32 without losing data possible.


Windows XP still holds large amount installers although Windows 7 becomes more and more popular. For majority users, they choose dual boot Windows 7 and XP to experience the two operating systems.


Actually, there is many disk partition utility can merge the two existing partitions into larger one but the data security is not 100% guarantee under different environments. But, there is partition magic Windows 7 can merge the partitions and ensure data integrity at the same time.


Nowadays, some popular partition manager Windows 7 was widely installed in users’ computer and usually used for resizing task. For users, they regard them as the best and reliable assistant which also can guarantee the data security during the operating process.

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