Most Windows Server 2003 users frequently meet some partition problems these days. Microsoft Windows 2003 Server supports failover clustering to supply high accessibility to applications, services, as well as other system resources using architecture. This architecture maintains consistent picture of cluster on all the nodes, which allows them to transfer the resources ownership whenever required. [...]


Aomei Partition Assistant is designed into five editions, each edition given the ability to protect the data during the operation. They provide the most easily working methods to solve the low disk space and copy partition/disk.


What Causes SBS Server Low Disk Space Warning in Windows? Windows created the low disk space warning to alert computer users when their hard drive is running low on available disk space, as low disk space will cause many problem such as: 1. System is running extremely slow. 2. You cannot install any applications or [...]


About Windows 7
Windows 7 is the widely installed and the most popular operating system since it released, not only for its upgrades, the fresh themes and interface, but also for its advantages still given to Disk Management like Windows Server 2008 and Vista like Resize partition.


Compare with the former, Windows 2003 Server is much simple to use and has more excellent features, in other words, it is more security, reliability, availability, and scalability. However, there are some shortcoming compared with its later, Windows Server 2008. For example, when a partition is running out of space, the snap-in Disk Management doesn’t [...]

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