NEW YORK CITY, NY, July 28, 2010 — Partition Assistant 2.1 from Aomei Technology, the professional and leading partition manager software around the world, delivers a complete integration of functions for successfully managing partitions in the server management field…


The Conception of Dynamic Disk

On July 23, 2010, in Dynamic Disk, by 闪亮

What is dynamic disk and how to apply it to the operating system? Such problems may confuse us sometimes. Generally speaking, a hard drive can be divided into two types of disk form—Basic Disk and Dynamic Disk….


When we use computer at home, so many conditions about resize partitionwe could meet with, so, let’s have an imagination:

Someone who like playing games, he want to install a game program into the partition, “Low space”—-are you bothered by this warning? It is running out of your space, we should extend partition……

Partition Manager

We know it has three basic types of partition: Primary, Extended, Logical, it allows a maximum of four primary partitions. Primary partition acts an important role in computer system with installing system, in order to manage computer well…In a word, resize primary partition with some methods, for instance, partition resize software…

Partition Manager

Do you always feel agonizing when you buy a computer with one hard drive partition? It makes you can’t store data or files classifically, just like a big vat that anything must put into it. On account of wasting so much time to find what you want; every user would like to partition hard drive with disk manager software

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